I am a Senior Manager of Research at HERE, currently leading a team of researchers focused on developing innovative solutions for map making techniques and map experiences. These include creating new automated feature extraction capabilities for a variety of data sources and developing data analytics capabilities that inform next-generation knowledge-based algorithms for creating mobile contexts and augmented map information.

I have been with HERE (former NAVTEQ/NOKIA) since 2006, both in individual contributor and managerial roles in Research and Development. During this time, I contributed numerous issued patents and scientific papers in GIS relevant areas.

I have a strong collaboration history with academia. In 2009, I assisted in the collection of the first campus-wide LiDAR and imaging dataset at a university (the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign). The data has since been used in relevant courses. My team offers internships for students every summer –  some of which have transitioned to become successful researchers at HERE. I was also an UIUC CS affiliate professor, teaching classes on Mobile Augmented Reality in Spring 2011 and Fall 2013.

In the past, I held research roles in academia, including a research professorship at the University of Virginia, where I worked on medical imaging and computer visualization techniques for brain surgery, and a postdoctoral position at UIUC, working on shape modeling and vector graphics rendering techniques.

I hold a PhD degree in Mathematics from the University of Southern California and an MS degree in Computer Science from UIUC.